Scientific Meetings

Theatre of Resistance

International scientific symposium
Maribor (23 – 24 October 2014)

The international scientific symposium was organised (under the leadership of Aldo Milohnić) by the Research Programme and Centre for Theatre and Film Studies of AGRFT UL in cooperation with the Maribor Theatre Festival and the National Liberation Museum Maribor.

Alongside the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Slovenian National Theatre on the liberated territory, the symposium gave a historical overview of diverse artistic practices that have been engaged in the fight for social change in the 20th and 21st centuries. Researchers, activists and artists from Slovenia and abroad discussed the complex relations between art and politics in the time of mass movements against military, physical, verbal, structural and other forms of violence with the intention of reflecting upon the contemporary practices of resistance and identifying the appropriate theoretical tools for dealing with them, while at the same time studying the power of artistic activism in neoliberal capitalism.

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From Stage to Archive

International conference on theatre archives and archiving practices in theatre
Maribor (25 October 2013)

The international conference organised (under the leadership of Blaž Lukan and Simona Ješelnik) by the Centre for Theatre and Film Studies of AGRFT UL and the Maribor Theatre Festival opened up the issues pertaining to the recording, documenting and archiving of performance practices. Experts working in the field of various archiving practices and museum studies presented their working practices in theatre archives, institutes and museums. Special attention was paid to problems they face on a daily basis. They exchanged their experience on the digitalisation of databases and presented the ways and possibilities for their use in research, teaching and promotion.

Symposium on Artistic Speech

Ljubljana (16 and 17 April 2013)

The symposium (under the leadership of Katarina Podbevšek) connected scholars, artists and educators who deal with speech forms in order to encourage interdisciplinary research of artistic speech in performing arts and other media (on the radio, on television and in film) as well as in education. Twenty-four experts focused on the transformation of language in light of technological developments and radical social changes that also fundamentally changed the role of speech in the arts at the end of the 20th century. The symposium is among the activities in which the research group engages in an attempt to preserve and foster a space of dialogue between theatre and the science of speech. It is the third scientific meeting about artistic speech in the organisation of AGRFT UL (the first in 2000, the second in 2006).

Gledališče v odprtih teritorijih kulture

Ljubljana (6. julij 2012)

Programska skupina je na UL AGRFT organizirala in izvedla znanstveno konferenco z naslovom Gledališče v odprtih teritorijih kulture. Deset raziskovalk in raziskovalcev sodobnih umetniških praks je na dopoldanskem panelu predstavilo svoje referate, v popoldanskem panelu pa je sledila kritična in analitična diskusija, utemeljena na dopoldanskih predstavitvah in sodobnih gledaliških in umetniških tokovih.

Gledališki sistemi v manjših evropskih državah

Ljubljana (8. - 12. september 2010)

Programska skupina je septembra 2010 organizirala znanstveno konferenco Gledališki sistemi v manjših evropskih državah, ki je potekala na Univerzi v Ljubljani in je obsegala srečanje projektne skupine STEP (Project on Europaen Theatre Systems) ter konferenco z naslovom Cultural Space And Identity In A Post-Socialist Context. Interdisciplinarna konferenca se je ukvarjala z vplivom družbenih sprememb na gledališče, film, sodobno umetnost in digitalne medije v postsocialističnih okoljih od osemdesetih let prejšnjega stoletja dalje.