Other Events

Darja Koter awarded the Mantuani Recognition

Every two years the Slovenian Musicological Society bestows the Mantuani Recognition for exceptional achievements in the field of musicology. In 2014 this esteemed recognition of the profession (named after the founder of Slovenian musicology Josip Mantuani) was awarded to Darja Koter for her comprehensive studies Slovenska glasba 1848‒1918 [Slovenian Music 1848–1918] and Slovenska glasba 1918‒1991 [Slovenian Music 1918–1991].

These scientific monographs (both issued by Študentska založba publishing house in 2012) are the results of her many years of in-depth and systematic study of Slovenian music history. In its explanation, the committee (comprising Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jurij Snoj, president; Zoran Krstulović, MA; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gregor Pompe; Hon. Prof. Dr. Andrej Rijavec and Vesna Venišnik) emphasised that the author “with her professional and research work intensively co-creates the achievements of the Slovenian musicological profession”.

Eva Vrtačič receives the Award for the Best PhD Dissertation

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana annually bestows an award for the best PhD dissertation of the year. For the year 2013, the committee (under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Tanja Rener) unanimously decided to confer the award to the dissertation by Eva Vrtačič entitled Performance Theory through Philosophy, Art and The Body of Dr. Shannon Bell. In its explanation the committee wrote:

“The doctoral dissertation of Eva Vrtačič is an innovative, courageous and ambitious work in which the author with her exceptional understanding of social science theories and artistic practices has created new knowledge and demonstrated the possibilities of combining scientific and artistic creation, which she superbly succeeded to do in the case study of philosopher, political theorist and feminist Dr. Shannon Bell.”

Corpus trupel

Presentation of the special issue Corpus trupel in the journal Filozofski vestnik

In the frame of the research programme and in cooperation with the journal Filozofski vestnik we prepared the special issue Corpus trupel, edited by Mirt Komel, Karmen Šterk and Eva Vrtačič. Along with the editors, contributors also included Gašper Troha, Klemen Ploštajner, Bojan Anđelković, Niki D'Amore, Shannon Bell and the prestigious guest pen – Jean-Luc Nancy. Alongside the release of the journal, on Friday, 21 December 2012, we organised a discussion at the Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television featuring the editors, the authors and the editor-in-chief of the journal Filozofski vestnik Peter Klepec.