Online exhibition of the scientific database on Slovenian Partisan Theatre

The collection of the AGRFT Centre of Theatre and Film Studies contains diverse material on the partisan theatre activities during World War II (the Slovenian national theatre on the liberated territory, the front theatres, puppet theatre). The core of the collection consists of digitalised and professionally preserved original documents (dramatic texts, costume and set designs, photographs, film recordings and other museum objects). Additional documents from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary History, excerpts from television broadcasts from the RTV Slovenian Archives and Documentation Service, testimonies of the participants and references to titles that deal with similar themes all contribute to the comprehensive presentation. Since 2012, the collection has been publicly displayed in the form of an online exhibition.

The accompanying reference materials in English make this important national archive collection accessible to international users.

Exhibition at the Pavilion of the Republic of Slovenia at the 54th Venice Biennale

Venice, 2011

The aim of the integrated plan to present Heaters for Hot Feelings, the installation by sculptor Mirko Bratuša mounted at the Pavilion of the Republic of Slovenia at the 54th renowned Venice Biennale, was to express cultural identity in a highly recognisable way. The innovative concept of the installation (featuring artificial, high-tech anthropomorphic and biomorphic bodies made of the archaic material clay) allowed a metaphorical presentation of the structure of contemporary society as a network of mutual social, economic and natural co-dependencies.

A retrospective exhibition of works by Adriana Maraž

Riko Debeljak Gallery, Kanal ob Soči (3 – 20 September 2011)

A retrospective exhibition of works by Adriana Maraž (1931–), one of the most established Slovenian authors in the field of graphic arts in the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition focused on her identity as a female artist, her role as the only female representative in the elite fine arts group Grupa 69 and the reaction of the graphic medium to the novelties introduced by conceptualism.

The exhibition was curated by Nadja Zgonik.

Inter-Actions: exhibition of artistic interactions between professors and students

Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica (1 July -1 August 2010)

Since 2000, the Miklova hiša Gallery hosts an annual summer exhibition platform. It exhibits new artistic positions in Slovenia, which also reflect the teaching practices of the postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. In 2010, the exhibition and research project Inter-Actions focused on the dialogues that took place between the postgraduate students and their mentors during the study process. It focused upon the analysis of the relations between artistic practices, especially the potential interferences taking place in the process of artistic research.

The exhibition was curated by Nadja Zgonik.